BTN coverage of Huskers
The Big Ten Network reported in March 2020 on the efforts of graduate students in the NRT and the Council of Resilience Education to educate the public on ecological resilience. 

Christopher Fill holding bat on TV
Master's student Christopher Fill appeared in an NTV segment, "Endangered Species of Bats in Nebraska," aired August 22, 2019.

Daniel Rico and CASNR award
Master's student Daniel Rico was selected as the 2019 Outstanding Graduate Student by the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

Alexis Chavez (M.S., School of Natural Resources) received the Peace River Audubon Society Scholarship for Environmental Studies for use in fall 2020.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers announced that the Council for Resilience Education founded by Nebraska students will receive an Educational Aids Blue Ribbon at the ASABE international meeting July 12 for educational materials they created about ecological resilience. NRT students receiving recognition are Alison Ludwig, Julie Fowler, Conor Barnes, Dominic Cristiano, Katharine Hogan, Jessica Johnson, Daniel Morales, and Rubi Quiñones. The Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Awards Competition promotes excellence in informational materials contributing to the understanding of agricultural and biological engineering subjects outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Alison Ludwig (M.S., Department of Agronomy and Horticulture) received an Arthur William Sampson Fellowship to continue her research in range or pasture ecology and management in 2020-2021. The Department of Agronomy and Horticulture announced the award online on May 26.

Anastasia Madsen (Ph.D., School of Biological Sciences) received coverage in a May 26 Nebraska Today article about her coyote research.

Dominic Cristiano (M.S., School of Natural Resources) was selected to serve as a waterfowl bander in August with the Western Canada Cooperative Waterfowl Banding Program, a joint effort between the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the Canadian Wildlife Service, state and provincial wildlife management agencies, the Flyway Councils, First Nations, and nongovernmental waterfowl advocacy and research organizations. Dating back to the 1950s, the program helps set fall harvest regulations.

Lyndsie Wszola (Ph.D., School of Biological Sciences) was invited to take part in the Young Scientists Summer Program at IIASA, a scientific institute in Austria, for June 1 to August 31, 2020. The program offers fellowships to doctoral students to undertake a summer project involving international, interdisciplinary and applied research.

In May 2020, Julie Fowler (M.S., School of Natural Resources) won the 2020 School of Natural Resources Masters Meritorious Graduate Student Award for outstanding performance in research, professional contributions and leadership. 

The Big Ten Network reported on the work of NRT students and the Council for Resilience Education to educate the public about ecological resilience. Posted in March 2020, the article quoted NRT student Conor Barnes (Ph.D., School of Natural Resources). Other NRT students involved in this education effort are Dominic Cristiano, Julie Fowler, Katharine Hogan, Jessica Johnson, Alison Ludwig, Daniel Morales, and Rubi Quiñones.

Daniel Rico (M.S., Computer Science and Engineering) had an abstract accepted for the ASABE Annual International Meeting in Omaha July 12-15, 2020.

The J.E. Weaver Competitive Grants Program awarded Katharine Hogan (Ph.D., School of Natural Resources) a $1,000 grant in March 2019 to present her research at the National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration in Portland, Oregon, in August 2020.

The Daily Nebraskan ran a news article on March 3, 2020, about the Council for Resilience Education founded by Conor Barnes, Dominic Cristiano, Julie Fowler, Katharine Hogan, Jessica Johnson, Alison Ludwig, Daniel Morales, Rubi Quiñones and two other graduate students.

In March 2020, Daniel Rico began serving as a representative student of the university's Trio Program in their latest advertising campaign.

Brittany Kirsch (M.S., Department of Agronomy and Horticulture) won "Best Graduate Poster Presentation" at the Great Plains Limnology Conference at Iowa State University in Ames on October 18-19, 2019.

The Daily Nebraskan ran a feature story about Christopher Fill (M.S., School of Natural Resources) and his bat research on October 14, 2019.

U.S. News posted an online story, "Federally threatened bats discovered at Homestead monument," about Christopher Fill and his research on September 1, 2019.

The Omaha World-Herald posted an online story, "UNL team studies threatened bats at Homestead monument," about Christopher Fill and his research on September 1, 2019.

Christopher Fill and his bat research received coverage in an article published August 25, 2019, by the Lincoln Journal Star.

Christopher Fill and his bat research received coverage in an article published August 23, 2019, by the Beatrice Daily Sun.

NTV's "Good Life" featured Christopher Fill's research at Homestead National Monument in a segment, "Endangered Species of Bats in Nebraska," aired August 22, 2019. 

Alison Ludwig spoke with KVRN radio station about her research on the endangered American Burying Beetle in western Nebraska. The broadcast ran on August 13, 2019. 

Jazmin Castillo (M.S., School of Natural Resources) was appointed chair of the Council of Students on the Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Women and won the Meritorious Graduate Student Award in the School of Natural Resources in May 2019.

Lyndsie Wszola received an honorable mention for the Best Young Researcher Award from the International Society for Ecological Modeling in April 2019.

Katharine Hogan was appointed a graduate fellow at the Center for Great Plains Studies for two years, to begin August 1, 2019.

Daniel Rico placed in the top five in the 2019 Engineering Graduate Poster Competition. He won a $500 conference travel fellowship from the College of Engineering and was recognized at the 2019 Graduate Recognition event at 3 p.m. on May 1 in the Nebraska Union's Regency Suite.

Conor Barnes was appointed to serve on the Natural Resources team of the newly formed Chancellor's Environment, Sustainability and Resilience Commission in April 2019.

Katharine Hogan was appointed to serve on the Teaching and Learning team of the newly formed Chancellor's Environment, Sustainability and Resilience Commission in April 2019.

Brittany Kirsch was elected as recruitment and retention chair of the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture's Graduate Student Association, starting in April 2019.

Daniel Rico was elected a senator in the Graduate College, one of six senators representing graduate students for a one-year term, starting March 2019.

Daniel Rico was selected as the 2019 Outstanding Graduate Student by the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

Jazmin Castillo cofounded the organization Latins for Natural Resources in 2019 to educate underrepresented communities like Latin Americans about natural resources and build a community on campus between different areas of study.

Lyndsie Wszola won the R Studio Diversity Scholarship, which paid for her registration and workshop fees for rstudio::conf (the R studio developers conference) in Austin, Texas, January 15-18, 2019.

Daniel Rico and the NRT program were spotlighted in the university's annual research report, released in November 2018.

Christopher Fill and the NRT program made the November 5, 2018, issue of The Daily Nebraskan

Christopher Fill and his bat research made the 2018 Halloween issue of Nebraska Today.

Julie Fowler was selected by the Planting Science organization to serve as a botany mentor throughout the fall semester. She helped teach pollination concepts to high schoolers in New Jersey.

Jazmin Castillo spoke with Nebraska's public TV and radio about the increasing role of women in natural resources and was featured in the August 24, 2018, NET article, "More women in Nebraska finding careers in natural resources-related fields."

Jazmin Castillo was chosen to serve as a graduate representative on the Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Women for the 2018-2019 school year.

Christopher Fill was spotlighted as a graduate student in IANR News and on the School of Natural Resources website in July 2018.

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