Conor Barnes, Kate Bird, Dominic Cristiano, Julie Fowler, Katharine Hogan, Jessica Johnson, Alison Ludwig, Daniel Morales and Rubi Quiñones

  • Council for Resilience Educationonline module to teach resilience to the public, starting with undergraduates, in collaboration with professor Dirac Twidwell and his lab

Kate Bird, Dominic Cristiano and Rubi Quiñones

  • Multi-agent simulation of bee colony

Catherine Chan and Annie Madsen  

  • Remote detection of resource distribution in Uda Walawe National Park, Sri Lanka

Alexis Chavez, José Igor Castro, Greici Parisoto and Ana Carolina Murad Lima

  • Climatic effects on soybean production

Dominic Cristiano and Rubi Quiñones

  • Wildlife telemetry application

Christopher Fill and Daniel Rico

  • Optimized drone for bat detection
  • Integration of wireless communications and rain detector to bat detection equipment
  • Script development for bat acoustic data analysis
  • Bat abundance determination at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Katharine Hogan, Alison Ludwig and Rubi Quiñones

  • A 2-D multiagent simulation model for root water uptake

Katharine Hogan and Daniel Rico

  • Plant Trait Data Sifter—upgrade versions and publish communication

Jessica Johnson and Brittany Kirsch

  • Effects of erosion and runoff on stream chemistry

Alison Ludwig, Rubi Quiñones and Daniel Rico

  • Imaging system and taxonomy for carrion beetle identification

Annie Madsen and Lyndsie Wszola

  • Spatial connectivity in predator-prey networks

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