Conor Barnes, Kate Bird, Katia Carranza, Dominic Cristiano, Hugh Ellerman, Dillon Fogarty, Julie Fowler, Katharine Hogan, Jessica Johnson, Alison Ludwig, Daniel Morales and Rubi Quiñones

  • Council for Resilience Educationonline module to teach resilience to the public, starting with undergraduates, in collaboration with Dirac Twidwell, agronomy professor, and his lab

Kate Bird, Dominic Cristiano and Rubi Quiñones

  • Multi-agent simulation of bee colony

Katia Carranza and Daniel Morales

  • Translation of resilience articles into Spanish for worldwide distribution, in collaboration with Francisco Munoz-Arriola, hydrology professor

Katia Carranza, Catherine Chan, Jonathan Cronk, Bigay Bagale and Hugh Ellerman

  • Inventory of environmental justice indices in Lincoln, Nebraska, in collaboration with the City of Lincoln

Catherine Chan and Annie Madsen  

  • Remote detection of resource distribution in Uda Walawe National Park, Sri Lanka

Alexis Chavez, José Igor Castro, Greici Parisoto and Ana Carolina Murad Lima

  • Climatic effects on soybean production

Dominic Cristiano and Rubi Quiñones

  • Wildlife telemetry application

Christopher Fill and Daniel Rico

  • Optimized drone for bat detection
  • Integration of wireless communications and rain detector to bat detection equipment
  • Script development for bat acoustic data analysis
  • Bat abundance determination at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Katharine Hogan, Alison Ludwig and Rubi Quiñones

  • A 2-D multiagent simulation model for root water uptake

Katharine Hogan and Daniel Rico

  • Plant Trait Data Sifter—upgrade versions and publish communication

Jessica Johnson and Brittany Kirsch

  • Effects of erosion and runoff on stream chemistry

Alison Ludwig, Rubi Quiñones and Daniel Rico

  • Imaging system and taxonomy for carrion beetle identification

Annie Madsen and Lyndsie Wszola

  • Spatial connectivity in predator-prey networks

Collaborating agencies