Hydrapet interface


The Hydraulic Parameter Estimation Tool (HydraPET) is a program that handles detailed descriptions obtained from geologists’ borehole logs. It is a pattern-recognition algorithm that translates lithology descriptions into a standard set of terms while providing estimated hydraulic conductivity (K) and specific yield (Sy) values based on lithological modifiers such as grain size or clay content. HydraPET (v 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, and 2.0) was developed in Python with a modular approach.

Product of: Daniel Rico, M.S. student in Computer Science Engineering, in collaboration with Jesse Korus, assistant professor in the School of Natural Resources, and Francisco Munoz-Arriola, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering.


The Plant Trait Data Sifter is a software tool to assemble summaries of open-access data from plant trait databases. PTDS is programmed in Python using a modular approach. The program scrapes the back-end html code from a website containing an embedded table, cleans up the html until only the data remains, and sorts through the cleaned data looking for particular plant species the user defined in the input files. Once entries in the table have been exhausted, the PTDS returns the matched lines of data and the performance of the search in regard to input misses in an Excel workbook for further user analysis.

Product of: Daniel Rico, M.S. student in Computer Science Engineering, and Katharine Hogan, Ph.D. student in Natural Resources/Applied Ecology.

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